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In article <7c3oam$rcr$1 at mserv2.dl.ac.uk>, "Malay" <curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in> wrote:
:>:Can someone tell me what the difference is between a mM unit and a mmol?
:>:How do you calculate mol?
:>:Neal Melvin
:>I too have very basic question:
:>How on earth was it possible to finish high school, much less
:>graduate from medical school without learning such basic things
:>like measures of quantity and concentration? In my humble opinion,
:>the lack of such understanding would unquestionably negate
:>any meaningful undestanding of most everything in pharmacology
:>and _a lot_ in many other areas of biology and medicine...
:>        - Dima
:Your question too is very basic Dima! But not knowing some basic stuff is
:not a sin! It's a crime when you don't want to "know" such things. Even
:person like us don't know the answers for some "basic question" and resort
:to hand-waiving when asked about it! May be, who knows, someday we will come
:to know the answers to "these basic questions" by discussing some "other
:type of basic question" like what Melvin asked. And in my opinion a
:discussion group like this should be the platform to discuss "anything";
:"basic" and "acidic"!

You don't not understand. 

My comment was not directed to a particular person
(although I _hope_ neither me nor anyone I know will ever be
treated by such doctor(s)). To rephrase, my question is as follows:

What went so tragically wrong in the current education system 
that it is _possible_ to graduate without learning such fundamental

        - Dima

P.S. And yes, the answer to the question is in ANY elelmentary textbook,
and yes, I wouldn't trust professional competence of anyone who cannot
open the book and read. 

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