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Malay curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in
Wed Mar 10 14:05:10 EST 1999

>May be the University is so bad to explain some basic questions but I can't
>believe that somepeople asking this things in an international group.

Belief is a myth! Beyond scientific judgement!

>Every people working in this field know (because have read) a textbook of
>basic chemistry to look for the difference between mmol and mM.

Look in other postings in this thread! You'll see "what seems to be real" is
not real but "apparently real"! Even Master's Degree holders can also be
sometimes wrong!!!

>I think there are so lazy people prefering ask here than look in a library.

Library imparts "information" but discussion group like this, imparts
"knowledge"! Both are not the same thing!

>But, if we continue with this kind of question may be the nexts will be:
>Which is the main difference between gram or mililiter? or may be
>What is a spectrophotometer??

Is that will be too much of botheration for us? You may not like to answer
such questions ( simply delete!! ) but there are others who will answer
willingly! Are you too lazy to ignore???!!!!!!!!

>DNA is the name of a new airline??

Or a computer??????!!!!!!

Why the sea is boiling hot?
And whether pigs have wings!!!

Curiouser! Curiouser! That's what I call science!

I didn't know this discussion group has an eligibility criteria! You have to
be "somewhat knowledgable (!!!)" to parcicipate!! I thought simple curiosity
is enough!

Socrates said- "I know that I don't know". Paraphrasing him I can say: " I
know that very few, if any,  know!"

curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in

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