Mammalian Vectors

Clay Comstock comstock at plains.NoDak.edu
Wed Mar 10 11:41:11 EST 1999


I was wodering if anyone could provide me with some information concerning
various vectors they have used with NIH3T3 cells.

I'm intrested in expressing a protein for degradation studies with an
inducible vector. I'm also wondering which way is better to tag my protein
either with an antibody tag(FLAG) or use a GFP protein. In addition I was
curious about the dual expression vectors that can be expressed in both
prokaryotes and mammalian cells. Also if anybody has any experience with
vectors that express multiple proteins(ie one for study and one for a
positive control).

If any one has any experience using these types of vectors with NIH3T3 or
any other similar cell line or process I would greatly appreciate any


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