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Dear Malay:

I read your comments and I profoundly disagree with you. 
May be the University is so bad to explain some basic questions but I can't
believe that somepeople asking this things in an international group.
Every people working in this field know (because have read) a textbook of
basic chemistry to look for the difference between mmol and mM.
I think there are so lazy people prefering ask here than look in a library.

But, if we continue with this kind of question may be the nexts will be:

Which is the main difference between gram or mililiter? or may be
What is a spectrophotometer??
DNA is the name of a new airline??

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> >:Can someone tell me what the difference is between a mM unit and a mmol?
> >:How do you calculate mol?
> >:
> >:Neal Melvin
> >I too have very basic question:
> >
> >How on earth was it possible to finish high school, much less
> >graduate from medical school without learning such basic things
> >like measures of quantity and concentration? In my humble opinion,
> >the lack of such understanding would unquestionably negate
> >any meaningful undestanding of most everything in pharmacology
> >and _a lot_ in many other areas of biology and medicine...
> >
> >        - Dima
> Your question too is very basic Dima! But not knowing some basic stuff is
> not a sin! It's a crime when you don't want to "know" such things. Even
> person like us don't know the answers for some "basic question" and resort
> to hand-waiving when asked about it! May be, who knows, someday we will
> come
> to know the answers to "these basic questions" by discussing some "other
> type of basic question" like what Melvin asked. And in my opinion a
> discussion group like this should be the platform to discuss "anything";
> "basic" and "acidic"!
> Using poet's words-
> Catch the witness, catch the wit-
> Catch the spirit, catch the spit!
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