DNA isolation from agarose gels

Dr. Klaus Eimert eimert at geisenheim.fa.fh-wiesbaden.de
Thu Mar 11 03:29:24 EST 1999

Rick wrote:
> I'm not sure the method we have been using is teh simplest, but it works fine
> to us. We are using the SpinX tube from Corstar(many other company have the
> equivalents), just cut you DNA bands (as samll as possible) and spin down for
> 30 sec. it just takes 1 min (from the time you cut the band to get DNA
> solution). Generally there is no need to concentrate by EtOH if you keep your
> DNA band small enough, or no need to extract by phenol. It's pure enough for
> sequencing, cloning, PCRing...For DNA bands ranging from 0.5 to 3 kb, we
> usually get >70% recovered. It's better to us TAE instead of TBE buffer.
> Rick

Hi Rick,

I've been using Promega's Wizard minicolumns the same way (no
affiliation ...). This was published in the Elsevier Tips Online in
1996, I think. It works well, the only problem is the VERY small opening
of the columns (designed for syringe, not for spinning). One has to cut
the agarose in quite small pieces and cannot fit more than, say, 50 µl
volume in one column. So, I think I will give the Costar columns a try.
I assume you used the cellulose acetate membranes rather than the nylon?
Does the pore size matter (0.22 µm vs. 0.45 µm) ?



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