Storage of dry DNA? Any experience?

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Thu Mar 11 16:57:25 EST 1999

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> Hello. 
> How long is it propper to store genomic DNA in a dried pellet?
> How would it be possible to store DNA when a -20° C refrigerator
> is not immediately at hand for up to one week (because of  a
> field project in a tropical country)? Or do you know a method for
> storing tissue at room temperature for later DNA extraction?
> Thank you
> Alexandra Hiller

Personally I don't like completely dry DNA as it can be a pain
to get back into solution.  It depends what you want to use the
DNA for when you return.  I've kept solutions of mouse genomic
DNA (TE pH 8.0) at 4degC for months and have had no problems
with PCR.  The size of the DNA fragments may gradually decrease
but I never explicitly tested for this and I never had any
problems with Southerns.  I would think that -20degC would be
     You may want to look at some of the protocols used for
storage of RNA as if this can survive then the DNA should be
fine.  Isn't there a method for storage of samples in formamide?
     Good luck (and enjoy the time in the field),
Bernard P. Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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