Storage of dry DNA? Any experience?

Hiranya S. Roychowdhury hroychow at NMSU.EDU
Thu Mar 11 16:44:05 EST 1999

At 06:05 PM 3/11/99 GMT, alexandra hiller wrote:
>How long is it propper to store genomic DNA in a dried pellet?
>How would it be possible to store DNA when a -20° C refrigerator
>is not immediately at hand for up to one week (because of  a
>field project in a tropical country)? Or do you know a method for
>storing tissue at room temperature for later DNA extraction?
>Thank you
>Alexandra Hiller

As a matter of fact, really dry DNA should store for ever!
Hoever, if you are going to prepare the DNA where you may not have access to
sohisticated kits or manifolds for drying the samples, it may be best to
leave the DNA in ppt. form in 95-100% of whatever alcohol
(ethanol/isopropanol) you would be using. Provided the alcohol is clean, the
environment would be fine for the DNA for a very long time. Genomic DNA,
once completely dry, is extremely difficult to redissolve. But it can be
done given sufficient time, temperature and patience.
        You could also transport the DNA bound to nitrocellulose or nylon
(not baked in or crosslinked) from which you may later elute the sample out
(by simple leaching or electrophoresis)


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