Storage of dry DNA? Any experience?

Paul Rasmussen paul at ib3.gmu.edu
Thu Mar 11 15:18:11 EST 1999

Gentra makes a DNA extraction kit for blood, tissue fluids etc which
conains a cell lysis solution.  Samples in this solution are stable for
long periods of time at room temp (or even 37degrees.)  I've used it
frequently for blood and semen samples, though relatively easy protocols
are available for tissue (mouse tails, biopsys etc...)  The kit usually
yields lots of good quality (OD260/280 ~1.9) DNA.
Paul Rasmussen

IB3/George Mason University
Manassas VA
paul at ib3.gmu.edu

alexandra hiller wrote:

> Hello.
> How long is it propper to store genomic DNA in a dried pellet?
> How would it be possible to store DNA when a -20° C refrigerator
> is not immediately at hand for up to one week (because of  a
> field project in a tropical country)? Or do you know a method for
> storing tissue at room temperature for later DNA extraction?
> Thank you
> Alexandra Hiller

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