Detection of GnHCl

Dima Klenchin klenchin at facstaff.REMOVE_TO_REPLY.wisc.edu
Thu Mar 11 13:54:37 EST 1999

:You still remember the 1st year anorganic course?: If GuHCl is the 
:only one  source of chloride (halogen) ions in your solution, you 
:might check for this ion using silver nitrate solution. You'll get a 
:characteristic white precipitate that does not dissolve in diluted 
:nitric acid. Of course you also could measure chloride with a routine 
:analyzer in clinical chemistry, if you have access to any.

Yes, this is entirely valid approach. The amount of precipitate
can be quantified on 96 well microplate reader and converted to 
mM Cl- using calibrating curve. 

:> simple /chemical/ assay for guanidine hydrochloride? (we can't look
:> at conductivity).

Just curious - why? 

        - Dima

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