Where is US Biochemical

Dima Klenchin klenchin at facstaff.REMOVE_TO_REPLY.wisc.edu
Thu Mar 11 13:53:10 EST 1999

:USB might not exist anymore.  It was taken over by Amersham, then Amersham
:Life Science merged with Pharmacia.  Try www.apbiotech.com
:Long LI wrote in message <36E6F0E7.B4EE4ABF at itsa.ucsf.edu>...
:>Dear All
:>Could someone let me know where US Biochemical is (their web site or
:>phone)? I need to order something from this company but don't have their
:>catalog. Thanks.

Very soon there will be two companies left: Sigma and Pharmacia.

Very convenient: only two web sites to remember and saves a lot of time
because there will be no need to compare prices. :-) 

        - Dima

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