Disposable spectrophotmetric cuvettes

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Thu Mar 11 20:55:56 EST 1999

In answer to your question, its for a colorimetric assay for biotin
(HABA/Avidin).	I'm quantitating biotin-label incorporation in in-vitro
transcription reactions.  You measure the reduction in absorbance at 500nm
when a biotin-containing sample is added to the HABA/Avidin solution.  When
you're not reagent-limited, large volume cuvettes work fine for it.  I don't
want to lose most of my IVT to a labeling efficiency assay though! 
Disposable cuvettes are preferable because of the waste-stream generated by
this testing.  In order to rinse out the quartz cuvettes, you need to pollute
a lot of water with HABA (which is apparently quite toxic).  In addition,
every time you handle a quartz cuvette you run the risk of breaking the damn
things:  "Oops...tinkle...there goes another 250 bucks!" The Fisher ones were
the smallest I could find too, and they say the min volume is 1.2mL...

  Lisa Kueltzo <freckles at eagle.cc.ukans.edu> wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Mar 1999 jdwalls at my-dejanews.com wrote:
> > Hi all: I'm having trouble finding a company that sells disposable cuvettes
> > for volumes LESS than 1.5 mL.  I'm looking for something in the 100
> > microliter range.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated (these would be for

> Out of curiosity, why do you need disposable cuvettes?  Also, I couldn't
> find anything other than Fisher's semi-micro cuvettes, and I doubt you
> could ge away with less than 300uL in those.

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