Help about methylation and SexAI

Gianluca Molla m at
Thu Mar 11 08:58:30 EST 1999

Hi everyone,
I need to use the SexAI restriction enzyme. On the NEB catalog
is stated that this enzyme DO NOT cuts if its reconition
site is methylated by dcm methylase. Now I think I have
to purify my DNA from a E.coli strain that is dcm-, but
almost every cloning strain in cdm+ (except JM110).
Can I use this strain or its genotype is not good for cloning
and plasmid amplification? And what about other methylases
like EcoRII? Are they a problem?
Maybe that my questions are quite stupid, but this is the first
time I have a problem with methylation. SexAI is not very cheap,
so I want to be sure that I'll be able to cut my DNA with it.

Thank you for your attention.


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