Fingerprinting of Balb/c mice

"Pouroullis Noula ", RD, RDD-R POUROULLIN at rdd.aeci.co.za
Thu Mar 11 08:42:30 EST 1999

Is there anyone who could help me with any of the following questions,
as I'm new to all types of eukaryotic work:
I need to check the integrity of Balb/c mice i.e. check for
contaminants, preferably using a molecular approach .
1) what method is commonly used to extract DNA from mice?
2) is there a std. set of markers that are commonly used to fingerprint
Blab/c mice? 
3) how long does it take to set up and fingerprint using micro- or mini-
satellites using manual methods. 
4) Would DIG-blotting or silver staining of mini/micro-satellite gels
produce satisfactory fingerprints for analysis?
Any suggestions will be appreciated

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