Primer sequencing with a pipeting robot?

Ari apl at mail.student.oulu.fi
Fri Mar 12 10:54:33 EST 1999

We have ABI 877 pipeting robot, but it has never really worked for primer
sequencing. Cloning and sequencing with m13-primers is a very important
part of our work, so the robot should do it better.
Is anybody really doing succesful primer sequencing with a pipeting robot?
The total volumes used are small (7-10 micros), and some robots may not be
accurate enough to handle it. Some or all of them?
Do you have any good protocols for ABI 877 or maybe good experiences with
other robots? If this robot won't work, we have to look for something

Ari Loytynoja
apl at student.oulu.fi

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