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>Now I think I have
>to purify my DNA from a E.coli strain that is dcm-, but
>almost every cloning strain in cdm+ (except JM110).
>Can I use this strain or its genotype is not good for cloning
>and plasmid amplification? And what about other methylases
>like EcoRII? Are they a problem?

Get hold of an NEB catalogue at look in the appendix at the back. They
have a page on the effects of dam and dcm methylation on restriction
enzymes whose recognition sequence overlaps these methylation sites.

All standard E.coli K12 strains are both dam+ (methylates A in GATC) and
dcm+ (methylates internal C in CC(A/T)GG). Exceptiosn are JM110, GM48
and some other GM strains. I think you can get these free from NEB with
your order. Again info. Is in the back of the NEB catalogue.

All E.coli B strains are dam+ dcm- so you could use one of those.

EcoR II methylase is the methylase of the plasmid carried EcoR II
restriction modification system and is not present in laboratory

So use a dcm- E.coli to prepare your plasmid in and it will cut OK.

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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