Disposable spectrophotmetric cuvettes

jdwalls at my-dejanews.com jdwalls at my-dejanews.com
Fri Mar 12 19:40:54 EST 1999

Thank you all very much for your advice.  I will try the elevated-cell
method, and look into a sipper for the spec (its an old HP thing with a bunch
of bells- and-whistles..I'm sure it can handle the equipment) -JW

>>> every time you handle a quartz cuvette you run the risk of breaking the damn
>>> things:  "Oops...tinkle...there goes another 250 bucks!" The Fisher ones
>>> the smallest I could find too, and they say the min volume is 1.2mL...
>> Using the same cuvette, the minimum sample volume required for an
>> accurate reading depends on the spectrophometer. If you have not done so
>> already, you should determine the minimum volume requred in your
>> spectrophotometer.
>>Shiao Y. Wang
>Buy a flow-through cell, you get them as low as 5 - 10µL; if you do not have
>a sipper for your spec, or a small pump you could use, do it with a syringe.

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