plant virologists please vote

yoel and adaia shiboleth shibolet at mishkei.org.il
Sat Mar 13 12:52:21 EST 1999

Hi plant virologists!
Here's a tough question for us all
I have found 3 clones of the same virus in a single vegetativley
propagated plant, and there are a few amino acid differences between
them. Nothing is known about the importance of these changes. You would
call them 3 different ....
a) virus genotypes
b) virus strains
or c) viral polymorphism
now if these viruses are different in different cultivars, different
countries, or have different agricultural significance, what then? When
does a virus strain become another virus (% homology?, significance?,
host or vector specificity?, or just "everybody must decides for
please vote!
Thank you
Yoel Shiboleth Msc.
shibolet at mishkei.org.il

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