PIPES solution (How do you get the PIPES to disolve?)

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> I am trying to make a 100 mM solution of PIPES and for the life of me I
> can't get it into solution. Do you have to add acid or base.  I want to
> have a final solution at a pH of 6.8.  I tried heating it to 50 degrees
> etc... It just won't go into solution.
> Anyone make up a solution with this stuff?

Hi Graham,

In Molecular Cloning - Second Edition, PIPES is listed as having a pKa of
around 6.4 and suggests using 1N HCl to pH. The pKa is in appendix B and a
pH'ing is on page 7.63 (section on mapping of RNA with nuclease S1 and
dsDNA probes).

Oh, by the way...the recommendation on the later page is to use the
disodium salt of PIPES.



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