optimization for recombinant protein expression

Sun Mar 14 07:01:21 EST 1999

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Dear Netters:

<P>I am trying to express a recombinant protein on pATH vector (TrpE promoter)
in E. coli.
<BR>This protein will be induced in M9 media, which contains casamino acid
in 0.5% (5g/L) as usual concentration.

<P>(1) I wonder if I can increase the yield of recombinant protein when
I increase the concentration of casamino acid in M9 media.

<P>(2) In addition to the minimal salt, I usually add glucose, thiamine,
calcium and magnesium. Is it required to increase the concentration of
salt and other additives if the concentration of casamino acid shall be

<P>Thanks in advance.

<P>Woong Choi</HTML>

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