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Robert Hartley rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk
Sun Mar 14 07:05:10 EST 1999

In article <bpmurray*STUFFER*-1303991510030001 at mac-daddy.ucsf.edu>,
bpmurray*STUFFER*@socrates.ucsf.edu (Bernard P. Murray, PhD) wrote:

> In article <199903130858.CAA01604 at smtp1.gte.net>, 282q at gte.net wrote:
> Shall we all dial together and see if we can
> spam their phone system?

Isn't there an online mail bouncer that you can fwd this to that will
reply in droves to the mail address. Apparently if they (SPAM sender) have
an auto reply script, then they receive copies of their own mail in
return. And this repeats until the sys crashes.
I read on the comp.sys.acorn.* groups that this existed and I beleive that
it cured one SPAM sender. :-)

Any Ideas?

PS. Since joining this group I have been amazed by the level of SPAM.


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