Storage of dry DNA? Any experience?

Jörgen Ullberg Jorgen.Ullberg at zoologi.su.se
Sun Mar 14 16:05:05 EST 1999


There are several articles that says DMSO containing buffers are to be a
good storage solution. You can also take a look at the article below for
an additional buffer.

K Muralidharan, C Wemmer. Transporting and storing field-collected
specimens for DNA without refrigeration for subsequent DNA extraction
and analysis. BioTechniques Vol. 17. 1994. 


alexandra hiller <alejaconeja at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hello. 
> How long is it propper to store genomic DNA in a dried pellet?
> How would it be possible to store DNA when a -20° C refrigerator
> is not immediately at hand for up to one week (because of  a
> field project in a tropical country)? Or do you know a method for
> storing tissue at room temperature for later DNA extraction?
> Thank you
> Alexandra Hiller

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