G418 and neomycin?

Steven Goldberg goldbers at bms.com
Mon Mar 15 15:01:51 EST 1999

G418 is used for eukaryotic cells, neomycin for bacterial cells.  The way I 
understand it, the resistance factor is the same but you need the appropriate 
promoter to express it depending on the organism used.

In article <36E88E23.9FA83B49 at rcyllene.uwa.edu.au>, mwatson at rcyllene.uwa.edu.au 
>Hi All
>A question from a non microbiologist.  If a plasmid has neomycin
>selection why can't you use neomycin as the selection antibiotic?
>Everyone uses G418 (Geneticin).  What is the basis for using
>G418 vs neo?  Toxicity? Cost? some other reason that I'm just too
>dumb to figure out :-)
>Dr Mark Watson B.Sc.(Hon) Ph.D.
>Details at http://www.cbsm.uwa.edu.au/sigfile.html

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