Flag vs. myc epitope tags.

Rich Dudley rdudley+ at pitt.edu
Mon Mar 15 08:55:44 EST 1999

Svend Kjaer wrote:

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> Dear all,
> This is a recurrent thread. However, I have the choice to tag my scFv antibody
> fragments with either of the two tags, so which one do you recommend and
> preferably does anyone know of Kd determinations of the M2 and 9E10 antibody
> for their respective tags, which would eliminate the "works fine in Western
> blot at 1:10000 for me !" kind of responses.
> best wishes,
> Svend


Every antibody prep you buy will have a different titer, so there's no single Kd measurement.  You'll
just have to look at the individual lot analysis for how much to use.


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