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Shimadzu's Spectrofluorometer is a Piece of Junk!

....if you need reliable equipment which performs, don't buy Shimadzu!

We received the following email on 8 February 1999:

To: shimadzu-sux at bigfoot.com
From: identity withheld
Subject: Shimadzu's spectrofluorometer

On Friday, February 5th, my Shimadzu spectrofluorophotometers's LCD display
bleached out and became illegible after [only] 14 hours of use. That same
day, I called the Shimadzu tech [support] line in Maryland for help. I was
told I needed a new display for $480 dollars. The very next day I received an
email from a Terry Adams describing problems with Shimadzu Scientific. How is
this possible? Firstly, I never gave out my email, and secondly, I only spoke
with Shimadzu representatives. Besides my curiosity how I received this email
one day after contacting Shimadzu, I am now very interested to know if my
[Shimadzu] spectrofluorometer is a piece of junk.

n.b. The inquiring researcher took the words right out of our mouths when he
wondered if the Shimadzu spectrofluorometer (RF-1501) is a piece of junk.
Anything that lasts all of 14 hours and then requires service work to the tune
of $480 (and this probably doesn't include labor nor travel to the customer's
site billed at ~$160 per hour.... OUCH!) is most definitely a PIECE OF JUNK!

n.b. This is not the first time that we have heard about problems with
Shimadzu's LCDs (and it probably will not be the last either). Prospective
customers should know that Shimadzu also uses these LCD screens on the
UV-1201/UV-1601 spectrophotometers, the VP series HPLC system and the
TOC-4000/TOC-5000 analyzers.

n.b. Shimadzu's RF-1501 (fluorescence spectrophotometer) sells for $12,500
dollars (Biomedical Products, February 1999). Divide this sales price by 14
hours of use (as reported by one respected scientific researcher) and that
equals a per hour cost of nearly $900.00 before this inferior product
offering is ready for the junk heap! Can you afford to spend this exorbitant
amount while performing your important analytical measurements? Can you add
the uncertainty of new instrument acquisitions and ridiculous repair costs to
your laboratory budget?

n.b. Regarding the uncanny nature of this researcher's call to the Shimadzu
tech support line and an email from Terry Adams the following day, the only
logical explanation that we can offer is that Shimadzu has a mole (or two or
three) on the inside. Question: Has Mr. Adams now resorted to stabbing the
Shimadzu organization in the back while also thrusting his dagger in the
backs of fellow employees?

n.b. Shimadzu proclaims "One Good Tag Deserves Another," ....your only
concern should be can you rely upon Shimadzu equipment to measure the
fluorescence tag used in your sensitive assay --- Don't count on it
(literally or figuratively)! We could tell you unsettling stories about the
Shimadzu RF-1501 and aberrant readings recorded thereon but there's no need
for this when other lab researchers come forward with horrifying stories like

BTW: Shimadzu claims to be able to measure fluorescence at the cellular level
with sample volumes as small as 3 microliters. Before you buy, request an
on-site demo and have exactly 3 ul of sample ready for the Shimadzu rep when
he/she arrives. If Shimadzu arrives unprepared and/or unable to back up this
boisterous claim, don't accept any apologies/excuses and show the Shimadzu
sales rep the exit.... and don't invite them back!

           Free Shimadzu Tech Support.... you'll get what you pay for
                          (and probably not even that!)

              For more information about Shimadzu, call 1-800-LIARS

FYI: http://www.bigfoot.com/~shimadzu-sux

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