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> I need somme documentation ( articles, book titles or internet 
> address) on how to establish a PCR laboratory.
> subjects: sample preparation, preparation of reagents, preventing 
> contamination, location of the PCR machine etc.
> Thanks Gerry

The basic idea is that you want to isolate the area where the reactions
are assembled from the area where amplified products will be present.
Also, use separate pipets for assembling the reactions and for
analysing the completed reactions.

Have a separate room to set your reactions up. Use a tissue culture
hood that has a UV light. Run the light overnight to break apart DNA
left over in the hood.

Once reactions are assembled, take them out of the "assembly room" and
into a room that has the PCR machines, gel boxes, etc. You should
consider the completed reactions as an evil source of contamination and
do everything you can to isolate completed reactions from anything that
will every be near the individual components. 

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