Inhibition of luciferase by bood

mheiges at cellmate.cb.uga.edu mheiges at cellmate.cb.uga.edu
Wed Mar 17 20:22:16 EST 1999

In article <whc23-1703990834040001 at powercenter-604.physiol.cam.ac.uk>,
whc23 at cus.cam.ac.uk (Dr.W.H. Colledge) wrote:

> Does anyone know if the presence of blood in a lysate will interfere with
> a luciferase assay and why? Thanks

In my experience, there is a little interference. If I remember correctly,
maybe as much as a 5-fold to 10-fold reduction if measuring in straight
blood + lysing buffer (well, I guess that qualifies as "alot" of
interference). I presume it's because the reddish heme is reducing light
output. Washing the cells to remove the serum has no effect for me so I
don't think the serum interferes. And if I reduce the number of RBCs my
assays improve.


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