DNA isolation from agarose gels

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> So . . . you guys are made of money?  Using extra Wizard columns is like
> finding a way to eat leftover caviar!
> Ok, I am having a double capuccino, and I can be a little hot under the
> collar.  sorry.  Nonetheless, it is not a good thing to rely too much on
> kits, especially without knowing the principles behind them.
> for instance, a typical Wizard prep costs over one US Dollar per prep.
> Descriptions of the reagents and methods exist in the FAQ for this group,
> as well as in the scientific literature (especially Vogelstein and
> Gillespie's PNAS paper on DNA recovery from agarose gels).  With very
> little work, one can assemble "kits" for a tiny fraction of the retail
> cost.  If one uses inexpensive aerosol barrier tips (see my post on the
> subject within this thread), even the columns may be replicated with
> little effort.

Hi Daniel,

Gee, you should really cut back on those double cappuccinos a bit  ;-) We
don't use the complete Wizard preps, just the spin columns, which you can buy
seperately. The cost is about 50 cents per column, over here in Europe. That
means (well, usually it is this way) it should be around 25-30 cents per
column in the USA. I don't think this is too expensive, if you don't do
isolations en masse. I've been using home made columns with glass whool and
filters before, but the recovery was not that good. With the tipical freeze
'n squeeze method I've had very varying results. We don't use filter tips, so
I cannot comment on these. So, I feel that (having a very small lab with very
few people), if you just have to do the occasional isolation of DNA from an
agarose gel and wanting the benefit of a good reproducible average recovery
rate, those spin columns are fast and reliable way to get things done. Oh,
BTW, did you succeed with this food processor :-)


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