DNA isolation from agarose gels

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In article <r_grant-1803990841220001 at>, Richard P. Grant
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>I agree that kits are a great time-saver (I have to say that, we sell them
>(-:) but I would urge every grad student to understand what they're
>doing.  That in itself will save wasted time on the 'phone to tech support

I totally agree. For those companies that design and make kits for the
rest of you one needs graduates and post-graduates that do understand
how to go about this. Without the underlying knowledge they are not much
use for that particular, yet important, application. It seems the vast
majority of young scientists unfortunately appear to only know how to
use kit x or y and if that fails they are stuck. 


PS I'm not having a go - just an observation.
The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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