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Henry Hoppe hhoppe at genzyme.com
Thu Mar 18 10:36:47 EST 1999

First-I realize this may not be the best newsgroup for this question,
but here goes anyways.  I am trying to find a more complete database
that lists the FDA approved recombinant protein products then I can
currently find.  Besides product name, generic name, use and company
(these are easy to find) I would like to know the manufacturing system. 
That is, is the product made in mammalian cells, yeast, bacteria, etc. 
It would be even better if it was specific for species, i.e. CHO verses
C127.  By digging product by product through PubMed I may be able to get
most of the information, but that is painfully slow and tedious.  I am
giving a talk on selection criteria for manufacturing systems and would
like to use the information to illustrate the variety of systems
approved with specific examples.  This information is not secret, just
hard to find.  Any help would be appreciated.  Please either e-mail me
or respond here. 

Many Thanks in Advance-

Dr. Henry Hoppe
Director Applied Expression
Genzyme Corporation
hhoppe at genzyme.com

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