vacugene XL problems

Steven Goldberg goldbers at bms.com
Thu Mar 18 15:25:46 EST 1999

I have had excellent results using the alkaline transfer procedure.  Treat the 
gel at 55 mbar for ca. 15-20 min with 0.2 N HCl, remove, and pour on 1 N NaOH.  
Transfer at 55 mbar for 30 min and remove blot.

In article <mjf8-1803991404140001 at>, mjf8 at cornell.edu says...
>I have been having trouble with my Southern transfers using our new
>vacugene, and pharmacia tech support has been of little use.  I have not
>been getting any significant transfer from my gels (1-1.2% TBE). I have
>been using 30 minute treatment steps prior to adding ssc.  I have noticed
>that my gel ends up concave at the end of the procedure after transferring
>at 50 mbar.  My gel is about 6x10cm and 4mm thick.  Should I turn down the
>vacuum? Should I try a higher strength agarose? I am using gibco-brl
>agarose right now. Any suggestions? 
>Thanks for the help,
>please respond by email to mjf8 at cornell.edu

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