DNA isolation from agarose gels

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  "Dr. Duncan Clark" <Duncan at genesys.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> In article <r_grant-1803990841220001 at>, Richard P. Grant
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> >I agree that kits are a great time-saver (I have to say that, we sell them
> >(-:) but I would urge every grad student to understand what they're
> >doing.  That in itself will save wasted time on the 'phone to tech support
> I totally agree. For those companies that design and make kits for the
> rest of you one needs graduates and post-graduates that do understand
> how to go about this. Without the underlying knowledge they are not much
> use for that particular, yet important, application. It seems the vast
> majority of young scientists unfortunately appear to only know how to
> use kit x or y and if that fails they are stuck.
> Duncan
> PS I'm not having a go - just an observation.
> --

I agree with you here, Duncan, but I would like to amplify. I don't think
this attitude is unique to "kit science;" I have also seen people blindly
follow a lab protocol or recipe book (sometimes down to the typos), even with
"homemade" reagents, without an appreciation of the underlying principles
behind it.


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