DNA isolation from agarose gels

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>You don't need to reinvent the wheel to understand how it works.

Um, no, but I didn't say you had to  . . .

>You can read up on the principles involved, and then, if appropriate, go
>ahead and use the kit.

True, but I would contend that there is no substitute for getting your
hands dirty.

>IMHO kit vs homemade is a time vs money issue.
>A grad student is worth about $5 an hour - so if something that costs less
>than $5 saves him an hour, that's money well spent. 

Now factor in the TRAINING that the grad student is supposed to be
receiving.  It's not just about money.

>Most people seem to
>think a grad students' work is free,

Hey, it *felt* like it at the time!


> but they don't realize that if he
>wastes all his time spending weeks doing with homemade stuff that a kit
>will do in a couple of days, he'll need more time to graduate and they
>have to pay his stipend for another year or 2.

Yes, although once she gets out into the big, wide world, and finds that
she has no knowledge of how things work, she'll wish she'd spent the extra
2 years in training.

>spend the money to move fast and
>get published / get the patent first.

Then of course it's usually post-docs who are doing the donkey-work, who,
in theory, should know what they're doing . . .



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