DNA isolation from agarose gels

Annette C. Hollmann ah690549 at bcm.tmc.edu
Fri Mar 19 08:26:35 EST 1999

In article <7ct56v$m48$1 at nntp4.u.washington.edu> polliwog at u.washington.edu (S. Findley) writes:
>Learning Principles underlying kits?
>Goodness me, I always thought that if something didn't work with a kit,
>it must just be that the enzyme went bad, let's order another kit!!!

What we do is design control experiments to *prove* that the enzyme went
bad, fax the results to the supplier, and get a new kit sent at no extra
charge. I recently got a Perkin-Elmer rTth RT-PCR kit that had bad enzyme
and bad positive control template.


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