Macconnell Miniprep-24

John R. McQuiston zje8 at cdc.gov
Fri Mar 19 07:53:25 EST 1999

We used it for a while.  It was good as a screening tool but the DNA is not 
clean enough to do alot with.  You can do restriction digests on it or PCR.  I 
think that with the cost per prep and the cost of the machine it wasn't worth 
it.  We now use the Qiagen spin columns and get much cleaner DNA and as fast 
and cheaper, but there's more hands on time.  That was an advantage to the 
machine, you just loaded your cultures and walked away.  It was fairly 
consistent but also expensive to run.  


 In article <#9rn5YXc#GA.313 at nih2naaa.prod2.compuserve.com>, 
100550.3012 at CompuServe.COM says...
>Hi all!
>Did somebody experienced the Miniprep-24 machine from MacConnell 
>research ? This machine uses an electrophoresis to produce 
>(supposed) clean plasmidic DNA. Any feedback from users welcomed.
>Thanks !

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