How to erase GPI anchor from GDNF receptor?

Chen Linan chenlinan at 263.NET
Fri Mar 19 21:32:56 EST 1999


I want to erase GPI anchor of GFRa-1, which is the last residue of mature
GFRa-1. At the C-terminal of GFRa-1 precursor protein, there are twenty or
more hydrophobic residues which will be cut and leave in the ER membrane.
The last residue of the new c-terminal will be the GPI anchor. 

I want to get soluble GFRa-1 expressed in vivo, so I must erase the GPI
anchor. I plan to erase the c-terminal twenty or more hydrophobic residues
and GPI anchor use PCR. Is it enough to free the GFRa-1 from cell expressing it?


Chen Linan

Beijing Medical University

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