previous question about pharmacia 400 spun columns

Yasmin Mattheus ynm at sfu.ca
Fri Mar 19 20:00:04 EST 1999

I built a cDNA library and used the Pharmacia SizeSep 400 spun columns in
place of the size fractionation build-your-own thing that Stratagene
describes (Lambda Zap II kit).  I found it worked well and was much
simpler a procedure than that described by Stratagene.  I don't remember
details about the price because I happened to have a column on hand.
Also a friend told me that GibcoBRL also made a spin column
that he used to make his library and this worked very well for him.  
If you are making a library using Stratagene's Lambda Zap kit I would
forget the hassle of the size fractionation column they describe (if you
can) and go ahead with a spin column.  Save lots of time and they work
just fine for the purpose of making a good library.


PS Better libraries were achieved by several people I know who bypassed
the "Strategene method" for a spin column, too.
Department of Biological Sciences
Simon  Fraser  University 

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