RNA isolation from Enterobacteriace

Deirdre Cornish dcornish at HORT.CRI.NZ
Sun Mar 21 23:39:05 EST 1999

I seem to be having a few problems with my RNA isolated from Erwina
herbicola grown in either complete or minimal media.  RNA from complete
media is sometimes quite smeary while RNA from minimal media produces
two nice sharp bands. I have also found that RNA is much nicer (no
smears) when run on a 1.5% native agarose gel compared with running it
on a 1.5% formaldehyde gel.

My RNA isolation method is basically adding acetone to cells, proteinase
K treatment, phenol-choloroform and ethanl precipitaiton.

Any answers or comments gratefully accepted.

Deirdre Cornish

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