RT-PCR of GC rich regions

Jo Lauber jla at gbf.de
Mon Mar 22 04:30:05 EST 1999

Try 1 to 10% DMSO in the PCR-buffer.

Additionally there where some additives described in one of the GIBCO
newsletters last year but don´t ask me which one it was.

amherrera at CIGB.EDU.CU schrieb:

>     Hi all,
>     I need to amplify GC rich regions (%GC = 80) by RT-PCR and I
>     have run with troubles using the conventional procedures.
>     It seem to me that someone once recomended the use of
>     some aditives like formamide but I do not remeber well.
>     Could anybody lend me a working protocol to solve this?
>     Many thanks to all
>     DiogenesQV

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