free molecular biology program

colinw colinw at mis.net
Mon Mar 22 22:36:56 EST 1999

If you work with restriction endonucleases alot, you might find this
little program I wrote useful.

It integrates enzyme/buffer activity information from several different
restriction endonuclease manufacturers into a database.  With it, you
can select the enzymes you want to use in a multiple restriction enzyme
digest and have the program give you a list of buffers that will work
for all of them (saves a little time looking through catalogs and
activity tables).

The database covers four enzyme manufacturers:  Boehringer-Mannheim,
Gibco BRL, New England Biolabs, and Stratagene.  I should be able to add
a couple more soon.

The program is available as a java applet that anyone can use for free
via the internet.  The site address is:


Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!

colin wilson

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