How to digest 5' overhang ?

Wolfgang Schechinger Wolfgang.Schechinger at med.uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Mar 22 17:06:57 EST 1999

If you want to remove a defined part from the 5' end, I'd suggest 
designing a suitable primer and isolating the fragment by PCR 
using a high fidelity polymerase (Pwo or Pfu). 


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> > Greetings netters.
> > Dose anyone have a good method for digest  5' overhang ? I tried
> > Mung Bean but it cut into my gene. Will it be better in lower
> > temperature (11C) a-la T4 polymerize?
> With mung bean, make a titration series (several 1/5s) of the enzyme
> and incubate at RT. This worked for me.
> Good luck, jorg
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