Need help w/ SDS & extraction buffer

Kelly Luther umluther at cc.umanitoba.ca
Tue Mar 23 23:30:06 EST 1999

Mark Warner wrote:
> To all, I'm trying out a new RNA extraction buffer that contains Tris
> (0.2M), sodium perchlorate (8M)(pH 8.3) and SDS (2%), but the SDS comes
> out of solution and I can't seem to resolubilize it. I know this can
> happen with other buffers, and usually mild heat will do the trick, but
> it doessn't work. Any ideas?
> Mark

The larger the cation, the higher the temperature SDS will precipitate
at.  If the sodium is precipitating the SDS, try lowering the
temperature before it is mixed.  A smaller cation (Lithium) probably
isn't possible is it?  If so you can try this as well.

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