Washing lifts in Hybridization oven/tubes

Allen Gathman agathman at biology.semo.edu
Tue Mar 23 18:50:57 EST 1999

We have been doing hybridizations for years in Tupperware sandwich
containers, but recently bought a hybridization oven.  So far, results have
been rather disappointing.  In particular, is it possible to do washes of
lifts in the hybridization tubes?  We're getting a lot of background.  In
some cases we have multiple circular lifts in a tube, stacked with some
nylon mesh fabric separators.  These in particular just don't wash very much
at all.  When we put them in sandwich containers and wash on a shaker, the
background signal washes off as it should.  Is there something we're doing
wrong, or can you just not wash lifts in the hybridization tubes?

-Allen Gathman

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