Using histidine to elute from a talon column

Robert Seymour r.seymour at prospect.anprod.csiro.au
Wed Mar 24 20:20:28 EST 1999

Dear all

I have just begun using the Talon resin from clontech to purify my his 
tagged protein. On the first run I used 200 mM L-histidine to elute 
from the column. The column turned brown and then this colur eluted 
form the column leaving the column clear not pink as is usual with 
this column resin.  Obviously the metal has leached from the column. 
Is this normal when using histidine to elute from heavy metal affinity 
columns?  Is there a buffer system to use to avoid this?


R.Seymour at prospect.anprod.csiro.au

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