Research Diagnostics - BEWARE of these people!

Victor Levenson levenson at uic.edu
Wed Mar 24 19:25:37 EST 1999

levenson at uic.edu (Victor Levenson) wrote:

>A note of caution to all you netters:
>Now, TODAY, I got ANOTHER shipment OF THE SAME STUFF! This time,
>however, people on the other side of the phone were not as polite.
>None of them cared to reveal their names and the second person who
>I will NEVER be doing business with these people again. The legal
>issues aside, they cannot READ, for crying out loud!
>I am sending this message as a cc to the president of Research
>Diagnostics and will post an update if I hear from him.
>RUDE and IGNORANT - that's my diagnosis.

The response of the president of the Research Diagnostics follows.
"From: ResearchD at aol.com
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 16:28:36 EST
To: levenson at uic.edu
Subject: Re: Research Diagnostics - BEWARE of these people!

In a message dated 3/24/99 2:59:51 PM Eastern Standard Time,
levenson at uic.edu

<< I will NEVER be doing business with these people again. >>

We thank you for your comments and look forward to you keeping your

Research Diagnostics Inc
email:ResearchD at aol.com
web; http://www.researcjd.com"

My e-mail was addressed to Mr. Bret Wein, President of Research
Diagnostics. The response is pretty much anonymous. 

I will keep my promise. I can only add that when I called Molecular
Probes I got not only a courteous service but a qualified consultation
about the cross-reactions of the antibodies they supply. The result -
I have what I need.

No affiliation, etc.etc.

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