Bicistronic vector

Victor Levenson levenson at uic.edu
Wed Mar 24 19:38:00 EST 1999

Sebastien.Paris at UNIV-ROUEN.FR (Sebastien Paris) wrote:

>I'm using the bicistronic pIRES-hyg vector to obtain stable clones for a
>protein of interest. Is it possible to obtain only resistant clones to hyg
>which do not express the protein of interest. If it's possible, has anybody
>a suggestion to obtain a clone which express this protein ?

It is possible if: 

a. your insert contains cryptic splice sites so that the coding
sequence - or part of it - is lost;

 b. if there is a rearrangement within the vector (I had approx.
10-15% rearrangement  with no expression using retroviral vectors),
for plasmid vectors it should be a rare event.

The only way you can be ABSOLUTELY sure is to test for the presence of
the product :-).

Good luck,

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