Research Diagnostics - BEWARE of these people!

Victor Levenson levenson at uic.edu
Wed Mar 24 16:54:30 EST 1999

A note of caution to all you netters:

A week ago I found antibodies to human cytochrome  subunit III in an
online catalogue of Research Diagnostics and ordered them. When I
received them it turned out that they shipped antibodies to subunit II
- a slight difference, but... When I called and asked for replacement
I was told that the company did NOT have antibodies to SU III and the
entry in the WWW catalogue was a mistake. They were good enough to
supply their FedEx acct # so that I can ship it back.

Now, TODAY, I got ANOTHER shipment OF THE SAME STUFF! This time,
however, people on the other side of the phone were not as polite.
None of them cared to reveal their names and the second person who

I will NEVER be doing business with these people again. The legal
issues aside, they cannot READ, for crying out loud!

I am sending this message as a cc to the president of Research
Diagnostics and will post an update if I hear from him.

RUDE and IGNORANT - that's my diagnosis.

Victor Levenson MD/PhD
Res Asst Prof
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