What is the different usage between SDS and Sarkosyl?

Victor Levenson levenson at uic.edu
Thu Mar 25 20:09:47 EST 1999

"Wilson" <netson at hotmail.com> wrote:

>Dear all,
>Both SDS and sarkosyl are detergent, what is the different and different
>usage between them?
>Thanks a lot

For one thing SDS will form a precipitate with Cs (as in CsCl) or K,
while sarkosyl will not.

 Formation of SDS-K complexes was used for isolation of very stable
DNA-protein complexes many years ago. When I was involved in these
studies and had to characterize the DNA-protein ratio of the complexes
by their byouant (sp?) density I had to use Sarkosyl in CsCl gradients
since it does not form precipitates with Cs ions.

There may be other differences, though.....



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