Storage of dry DNA? Any experience?

Paul Rasmussen paul at ib3.gmu.edu
Thu Mar 25 16:47:07 EST 1999

No, This is the DNA puregene kit.  I don't have any experience with a
Generations kit.  The samples in the puregene kit often do have some RBC gunk
carried over into the lysis solution, but after the initial Isopropanol
precipitation and subsequent ethanol washes, I've never had such problems as
you describe.  Furthermore in the puregene kit, you end up with a DNA
pellet.  You should be able to resuspend it into anything you want.  Perhaps
the confusion lies in the methods of extraction and/or precipitation.  Thank
you for pointing out the shortcomings of this kit, as I would not want to
lead anyone down the wrong path.

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"Richard P. Grant" wrote:

> In article <36E824FA.7AFE3B92 at ib3.gmu.edu>, Paul Rasmussen
> <paul at ib3.gmu.edu> wrote:
> >Gentra makes a DNA extraction kit for blood, tissue fluids etc which
> >conains a cell lysis solution.  Samples in this solution are stable for
> >long periods of time at room temp (or even 37degrees.)  I've used it
> >frequently for blood and semen samples, though relatively easy protocols
> >are available for tissue (mouse tails, biopsys etc...)  The kit usually
> >yields lots of good quality (OD260/280 ~1.9) DNA.
> Really?  That's the 'Generations' kit, yes?
> We were looking at that kit and did some scans (220 nm -> 320 nm) and
> found there was a lot of something in there that was not DNA.  Some of the
> samples came out vaguely brown, too, as if there was haem carry-through.
> Oh, and the DNA comes out at pH 9 - 10, too.
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