What will PEG and DMSO do in TSS?

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What will PEG and DMSO do in TSS? My DMSO is stored at room temperatur for
about three years. Is it too old to do? And PEG 8000 will do?
Chen Linan
Beijing Medical University

DMSO undergoes an oxidation reaction, producing dimethyl sulphone and dimethyl
Dimethyl sulfide is a potent inhibitor of transformation.
Fresh bottles should be aliquotted into microfuge tubes for single use and
stored at -20 or -80 degrees C.
Bubbling N2 through a bottle of DMSO for 30-60 minutes prior to use is reported
to remove dimethyl sulfide
and may restore poor quality DMSO.  (S. J. Scharf, et al., 1986 Science 233:
The TSS protocol works with PEG whose MW is between 3500 and 8000.

Tim Fitzwater
NeXstar Pharmaceuticals

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