Storage of dry DNA? Any experience?

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>Gentra makes a DNA extraction kit for blood, tissue fluids etc which
>conains a cell lysis solution.  Samples in this solution are stable for
>long periods of time at room temp (or even 37degrees.)  I've used it
>frequently for blood and semen samples, though relatively easy protocols
>are available for tissue (mouse tails, biopsys etc...)  The kit usually
>yields lots of good quality (OD260/280 ~1.9) DNA.

Really?  That's the 'Generations' kit, yes?
We were looking at that kit and did some scans (220 nm -> 320 nm) and
found there was a lot of something in there that was not DNA.  Some of the
samples came out vaguely brown, too, as if there was haem carry-through.

Oh, and the DNA comes out at pH 9 - 10, too.


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